MAKEUP 101: How To Apply Makeup



Now days everyone pretty much wears some amount of makeup whether it’s to conceal a few blemishes, or to literally look “perfect” for the camera. Either way, makeup application is ever changing which makes it difficult for some to understand the techniques. Here’s a FULL tutorial video on how to do basic makeup for those who are clueless on makeup application. Click this link to view! ENJOY!

MAKEUP 101: How To Apply Makeup




NEW Kylie Jenner Kyshadow Burgundy AND Bronze Palettes REVIEW + $5 DUPE FOR BOTH Palettes 2 in 1 !!!

img_6109Every beauty junkie is probably somewhere trying to get their hands on the new Kylie Jenner “kyshadow” eyeshadow palettes, BUT are they really worth $42 EACH? In my opinion, I think NOT. SERIOUSLY there are several dupes for these palettes they aren’t even all of that. I will give credit to the fact that Kylie is really capitalizing on her makeup products, but they could be WAY MORE affordable! Check out my video for the official review of her palettes AND watch me spill the tea on the dupes $5-15!


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 4.44.59 PM.png


New Hair Company Launch!!!


I’m so excited to reveal that I am launching my hair line Amor Antasia Hair under my Brand name, Amor Antasia. I was fed up with searching for good hair at an affordable price on Ali express, so I figured I’d make my own affordable hair company. My hair line will officially launch 5/23/16 with two textures of virgin hair: Peruvian Straight and Malaysian Curly! Both textures have be tried and tested for months to ensure great quality products. I’m excited for the launch, are you?! Like & share this post on social media!





dlux wig

Wigs are the new SEW IN?! Say what girl? YES; actually u-part wigs are better than sew ins for the following reasons: convenience, durability, and versatility. Don’t believe me? Let’s compare the two.


Sew Ins: do provide protection for real hair, however, they don’t allow you to wash or treat your natural hair underneath frequently.

U part wigs: provide protection for natural hair AND can be taken down or uninstalled easily and quickly to allow frequent natural hair maintenance. They basically allow you to access your scalp more quickly than wearing a sew in. Continue reading