Do You VALUE Your TIME? 

Time is winding up!

A lot of people act like TIME does not exist! We may not live as long as we want to so now is the time to get busy! It’s so easy to become distracted by the world’s shenanigans but we must focus on our purpose. Education and corporate America are nice, but only what you do for Christ lasts. One of several of my friends, who died a couple of years ago, was found dead in his aapartment (from aneurysm) at 25 right after graduation from TSU with an engineering degree. That truly hurts me STILL! I can’t help but think of ALL of that money and time spent on education, but he didn’t even get the TIME to use it. I could become a Pharmacist, lawyer, doctor or ANYTHING that I want to become career wise but that’s just not my calling. There are SOME who were designed to do certain things that education can not provide. Don’t look down on those who simply choose to use to use their time to fulfill their PURPOSE in life instead of the norm. I dare you to step out into your calling. Remember that tomorrow is not promised to any man.


Antasia 💋


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