BILL COSBY SUES! Go Bill! But why only seven of 48 accusers?


Bill Cosby has fired back by filing countersuits against his accusers. The question is, why only sue seven of the women who claimed to have been raped by him? Does this mean that he is admitting to have raped SOME but not THESE seven women?! From my research and personal beliefs, I believe that the reason for suing these women is because of the FACT that they were the ONLY accusers to contact NBC in attempt to cancel Bill’s future shows and/or current contracts with them and also with Netflix. They have also slandered him! I totally understand why Bill is suing them because he legacy and future revenue is at stake! If these accusations have NOT been proven to be true then WHY ban the Cosby Show and other shows affiliated with Bill?! That is totally unfair and also hypocritical because Michael Jackson and R Kelly have both been accused of similar sex escapades and their past music products are PRESENTLY being played and adored! Not to mention Chris Brown, an R&B artist, who assaulted his ex girlfriend Rihanna! I am not condoning rape or any other physical offense but to ban positive HISTORIC tv shows all because of what one of the actors did in his personal life is preposterous! Regardless to if Bill Cosby is innocent or not, The Cosby show was still one the most positive family shows that ever hit tv screens! It promoted loving family relationships, healthy marriages, education, health awareness, and good morals and values! There is still a possibility that these accusations are false so why not give the man respect until he is proven guilty! I’m hoping that the truth will come out and that the Cosby Show will be reinstated. Until then I guess we’ll have to watch the housewives for positive images huh?

Check out my video on this topic here

– Amor Antasia


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