dlux wig

Wigs are the new SEW IN?! Say what girl? YES; actually u-part wigs are better than sew ins for the following reasons: convenience, durability, and versatility. Don’t believe me? Let’s compare the two.


Sew Ins: do provide protection for real hair, however, they don’t allow you to wash or treat your natural hair underneath frequently.

U part wigs: provide protection for natural hair AND can be taken down or uninstalled easily and quickly to allow frequent natural hair maintenance. They basically allow you to access your scalp more quickly than wearing a sew in.


Sew Ins: only last for up to three months (if done properly).

U Part wigs: can last longer for up to 1-2 months or longer, depending on the quality of the hair.


– Sew Ins: can only be styled in few ways unless more natural hair is left out as the “leave out” section which often leads to more heat damage and stress on natural hair sections that are left out. Although a lace closure can be applied to a sew in, it is still not able to be worn in several styles without leaving out a lot of natural hair.

U part wigs: can be worn in several styles whether a lace closure is applied or not. Styles include left part, middle part, no part, and a right part all without leaving much natural hair out. You can literally switch your part to whatever style you like without having to completely take down your braid foundation and starting a new sew in install.

The Wrap Up

From my experience, U-part wigs are the BOMB!!! *In my Sheneneh voice”. The word “wig” maybe a turn off because you’re probably envisioning your grandmothers wig collection, but these new age wigs are basically like sew ins since they are also sewn down around the perimeter of your head for security just like a sew in. They even look like sew ins.

BONUS: if you’re a budget beauty like myself, then you’d love to save $200-500 dollars per 3 months on sew in installations and instead opt for a U-part wig unit. Aside from saving money you’d be saving hours spent on taking out a full sew in track by track by just unraveling the unit as a whole. You can thank me later!





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