dlux wig

Wigs are the new SEW IN?! Say what girl? YES; actually u-part wigs are better than sew ins for the following reasons: convenience, durability, and versatility. Don’t believe me? Let’s compare the two.


Sew Ins: do provide protection for real hair, however, they don’t allow you to wash or treat your natural hair underneath frequently.

U part wigs: provide protection for natural hair AND can be taken down or uninstalled easily and quickly to allow frequent natural hair maintenance. They basically allow you to access your scalp more quickly than wearing a sew in. Continue reading


I wrote a BOOK! “Letters of Encouragement”

imageHi Mi Amors, (French for my loves)

I can’t believe that I am able to say that I’m a published AUTHOR!!!!  I have been working extremely hard writing and publishing this book so I hope that you will LOVE it! Most importantly, I hope that it will encourage those who are or have been dealing with depression, suicide, abandonment issues, hurt, image issues, divorce, and molestation. Those are issues that MOST won’t even speak about out of fear of judgement or even SHAME Continue reading